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Welcome to Feather VFX Studio

About Us

Feather VFX studio caters high quality visual effects services for both feature films and television series offering a flexible and cost effective service internationally. Based in Los Angeles with a state-of-the-art production operation in Chennai, India.

Feather staffs a team of 40 visual effects artists and serves as a partner to production companies in the US, Canada and the UK. We offer an interesting blend of creativity with professionalism and expertise of working on varied scale of productions.

Recently, Feather has acquired talents from Sony Pictures Imageworks who are acting as our supervisors for various departments and We’re proud to offer this scalable talent pool for clients and partners. This experienced and enthusiastic team with its excellence always strive to exceed client expectations.


We at Ferather VFX Studio understand the importance of the unique requirements of our customers for protecting and safeguarding their contents. We have initiated major improvements in our organization operation by upgrading our Computer workstations and Datacenter Infrastructure. Our State of Art Design studio facility is highly secured with state of art Access control systems and monitored through security surveillance systems. We have also ensured that our studio operations adhere to the highest level of Information and Content Security standards.

  • FTPS & SFTP paves way to data security during file transfers.

  • Updated Antivirus in production network.

  • USB block & No Internet access to production network.

  • Independent 100 Mbps fiber optic internet line & 20 Mbps backup line.

  • Premises monitored by CCTV 24hrs, 24hrs onsite security guard.

  • 24hrs power backup.

  • Firewall protection filters incoming and outgoing network traffic and eliminates the occurrence of unsolicited network communications while permitting all authentic communication to flow at liberty.

What We Do

Our Services

VFX Rotoscoping

Rotoscoping is used to capture realistic human movement by drawing over film footage of live actors.

VFX Paint

Feather VFX provides Clean Plate Generation, Wire removal, Dust and Scratches removal services.


We bring into play the latest technology that will be responsible for best tracking-layout results. Equipped with the right tools.


Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images of the same scene.


We are responsible for modelling and animating the scene as per the stereo plan, under the client requirements.

FX (Fluid, Fire, Blast, Etc)

We gives you the facility to simulate any kind of smoke, fire, water, explosions, wind effects etc.

What We Create

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We Are Hiring Effective Resources

Current Openings

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+1 469 888 3065 (US Sales)
18/09, Valasaravakkam,Chennai-600087, Tamil Nadu.